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All of our meats are 100% Pre-Cooked using the Retort Cooking Method.

This method was founded by the US Military and we have engineered the cooking process to make some of the toughest meats tender and juicy without the use any preservatives or additives whatsoever making our pre-cooked meats the cleanest you can find.


Our ribs are suited but not limited to:

Steak Houses,    Restaurants,    Pubs/Clubs,    Pizza Shops,    Cruise Ships,    Caterers,    QSR,    Functions/Venues Centres,    Cafes,    Government Institutions,    ETC...

As Bellavendo Ribs are delivered completely pre-cooked, they will require extra care and are best prepared from chilled and we recommend turning be kept to a minimum. Extensive research has been undertaken to identify the best cooking methods as shown below:

Cooking Instructions:

Combi Oven

-  Set Oven to 220 degree dry heat

-  Add your spices or dry ribs

-  Place ribs on non-stick tray

-  Cook for 9-10 mins (Beef may require 5 more mins)
-  Baste ribs with your favourite sauce
-  Cook for final 2 mins until sauce is caramelised



-  Set to High
-  Place Ribs bone side down on grill and cook for 8-9 mins (Beef may require extra 2 mins)

-  Baste top of Ribs

-  CAREFULLY turn ribs and cook for final 2 mins.

-  Baste bottom of the ribs

-  Serve

Conventional Oven

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-  Pre-Heat oven to 250 Degrees or highest setting

-  Baste top and bottom of ribs

-  Place Ribs on non-stick tray

-  Cook for 12-15 mins (Beef may require extra 3-5mins)

-  Serve


Pizza and Conveyor Ovens

-  Set temp to 280-300 Degrees

-  Place Ribs on non-stick tray

-  Cook for 8-9 mins (Beef may require extra 2mins)

-  Baste top and bottom of ribs

-  Cook for final 2 mins



-  Set Temp High

-  Place ribs on tray, bone side up

-  Cook for 10mins

-  Baste top and bottom of ribs

-  CAREFULLY turn Ribs and Cook for a further 3 minutes



-  Baste top and bottom of ribs

-  Place Ribs on microwave safe tray

-  Cook on high for 4-5mins

Tip: Use a blow torch once removed from microwave on the top of the ribs to get that extra caramelisation of the sauce

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